A beautiful estate.

A princess-like gown.

Glittering, priceless gifts.

A fairytale… but with a mystery at the edges.

As Milla McCracken and Leo Labrot prepare for a very important day, they have strangely similar experiences by separately bumping into two very different people.

Senator Coraleigh Boyle and Clay London.

Leo encounters Clay as they both buy very special gifts for loved ones. And Milla gets to know the young state senator, grateful for her help and new friendship following a near-disaster.

Yet as the newest supreme court justice and the new supreme court clerk both can sense—something is not right with their friends.

On the outside, Clay and Coraleigh appear to be nothing but successful. But supposedly enemies in a still-raging feud between powerful families.

But as Leo and Milla come to know, looks can be—and are—deceiving.

Backset, a 25,000-word novella, is the third work in the Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas series. This work takes place shortly after the end of Notice of Appeal (Bourbonland Book 2) and overlaps with the beginning of Where the Fire is Hottest (Bourbonland Book 3).