Classic small-town romance–with a splash of bourbon.

Includes Secret Blend (Book 1),  Filtered Through Blue (Book 2), and Angels’ Share (Book 3).

400+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

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“Pure joy to read!”

“This set raised MY spirits!”

“NOTHING has given me, a reader, so much enjoyment as [these] books.”

“I loved the way each book centered around one couple, but included other characters in a way that flowed right into the next book.”

“Complexity of character development that a lot of romance stories don’t have.”

“Great characters that you can relate to.”

“Excellent weekend read.”

“Loved the characters, history.”

“Like Debbie Macomber just hotter.”

“Such a sweet story sequence.”

“I love the history infused into these stories.”

“Beautifully written.”

“Three of the best books I have read in a long time.”

“Funny sexy hurtful thought provoking…”

“Beautiful series”

“The perfect balance of love story and family story”

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