She expected to lose the land.

Maybe her job.

But losing her heart?

She hadn’t counted on that.

For over a year, Maisie Chaplin has desperately fought to preserve land adjacent to her beloved Civil War battlefield. Begging and pleading various officials hasn’t worked. She’s even stalked the landowner’s attorney, Cord Bilton, hoping for help.

That went nowhere.

Well, unless you count falling for the guy. And him falling for her.

As an intense, fiery attraction draws them together, Maisie faces losing her first true love—the land. And Cord’s first duty is to his client and the law, despite what his heart tells him.

As loss looms like ghosts over the battlefield, Maisie and Cord discover that the fire is hottest not in the war over the past, but in the struggle to survive the challenges of the present.

Where the Fire Is Hottest is the third book in the Bourbonland series.


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