A Devilish Election cozy mystery novel cover

A Devilish Election: Devil Springs Cozy Mysteries Book 2


If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries set in small towns, you won’t want to miss A Devilish Election. Greer Galloway is a prosecutor in her hometown of Devil Springs, Kentucky. After saving the life of the local judge (her former boss and mentor), she’s about to lose her job due to budget cuts. But things take an unexpected turn when the current court clerk, Gary, who was never popular to begin with, runs unopposed for re-election. The people of Devil Springs start a write-in campaign for Greer and to her surprise, she wins by a landslide.

But Greer’s newfound job may come at a high cost, as Gary threatens to sue her. And before she can even take office, Gary is found dead and Greer becomes the main suspect. To clear her name and keep her job, she sets out to find the real killer, all while navigating the complexities of small-town politics and personal relationships.

One of those relationships is with Brock, a sheriff’s deputy who has been asking her out for months. As Greer tries to solve the case, she also has to decide if she wants to return Brock’s affections. But with her life on the line, she knows she has to focus on finding the killer first.

With the clock ticking and the pressure mounting, Greer must navigate the complex web of relationships and loyalties in Devil Springs to uncover the truth. But as she gets closer to the killer, her own life could be in danger. Will she be able to solve the case and clear her name before it’s too late?

Set against the backdrop of a small town in Kentucky, A Devilish Election is a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. With its intriguing plot and well-drawn characters, this book is perfect for fans of cozy mysteries and small-town dramas. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure!

A Devilish Election is the second book in the Devil Springs Cozy Mysteries Series.


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