Executive Liaisons contemporary romance novel cover

Executive Liaisons: Bourbonland Book 4


Jessa is the aide to the First Daughter and her job puts her in close proximity to her former lover, Gil, the governor’s chief of staff. Despite their history of heartbreak, Jessa wonders if there’s still a chance for them, especially now that Gil is divorcing his well-connected alcoholic wife.

But obstacles litter their path to reconciliation, including the governor’s new girlfriend, Clay’s ex-wife, who seems to be spying on behalf of her sister in a custody battle over Gil’s child. With tensions high and emotions running wild, Jessa and Gil must navigate their complicated relationship while trying to keep their personal lives separate from their professional ones.

Meanwhile, Clay endures a harrowing ordeal that leaves Corrie, his estranged love, watching from the sidelines. She longs to reach out and offer comfort, but their on-off relationship is a closely guarded secret. As Clay fights for his freedom, Corrie struggles to accept the possibility she has lost him forever.

Executive Liaisons is a poignant and suspenseful tale of love, second chances, and the complexities of modern relationships. Set against the stunning backdrop of Kentucky, this novel is perfect for fans of contemporary romance who enjoy complex characters and unexpected twists.

Executive Liaisons is the fourth book in the Bourbonland contemporary romance series.



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