Cedar and Cinnamon contemporary romance novel cover

Cedar and Cinnamon: Bourbon Springs Book 5


Harriet and Goose had a secret, sizzling one-night stand years ago. Unable to pursue a relationship back then, their intense chemistry still simmers beneath the surface. Now, they’re thrown together on an important history project at Goose’s family bourbon distillery, and it’s not long before sparks fly once again.

Harriet is a straight-laced attorney who always plays by the rules, while Goose is a former bad boy turned dedicated distillery employee. As they delve deeper into the distillery’s history, they discover that there’s much more at stake than just their burgeoning romance. They must weather complicated family dynamics and long-buried secrets and resentments to ensure the success of the project and preserve the legacy of the distillery. Harriet is torn between her duty to her client, the distillery, and her love for Goose, while Goose is determined to protect his family’s bourbon legacy at all costs.

Cedar and cinnamon, competing but complementary flavors woven into bourbon, present the perfect metaphor for the complicated and challenging relationship between Harriet and Goose. As tensions rise and passions flare, Harriet and Goose hold tightly to what could be their last chance at love.

Cedar and Cinnamon is the fifth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.



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