Distiller's Choice contemporary romance novel cover

Distiller’s Choice: Bourbon Springs Book 4


CiCi is the local court clerk with a heart of gold everyone loves to gossip with. But beneath her bubbly exterior, she carries a sad family and romance history. She guards that heart of gold of hers because it’s been shattered too many times. And she’s certainly not used to being the subject of gossip herself.

Enter Walker, the new master distiller at the local distillery, Old Garnet. He’s quiet and nerdy about all things bourbon, but also incredibly handsome and hot. When he sets his sights on CiCi, she can’t resist his charms and Walker sweeps her off her feet.

But their newfound love is put to the test when Walker’s ex-wife gets a job at the distillery and can’t seem to move on from their past. CiCi must decide whether to fight for their love or let the past come between them. As they navigate the ups and downs of the distillery, CiCi and Walker will have to choose their path forward and decide what truly matters in life and love.

Filled with bourbon lore and detailed descriptions of Kentucky’s bourbon country, Distiller’s Choice is the fourth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.



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