Distiller's Choice contemporary romance novel cover

Distiller’s Choice: Bourbon Springs Book 4


CiCi Summers knows every bit of gossip—and that she’s likely to become the subject of it herself due to the new master distiller at Old Garnet. Walker Cain is handsome and nerdy and CiCi can’t resist his charms. But when Walker’s ex-wife is hired by the distillery, their relationship is pushed to the limit. Walker knows it’s completely over with his ex–but convincing CiCi is another thing.

Distiller’s Choice is the fourth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.



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Miss Chatelaine  by k.d. lang

The Mind of Love by k.d. lang

Moonlight Swim by Elvis

Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

The Look of Love by Chris Botti and Chantal Kraviazuk

Take Me Home by Phil Collins