Distilled Heat contemporary romance novel cover

Distilled Heat: Bourbon Springs Book 6


Pepper and Jon have been best friends for years, but their friendship has always been tinged with a little something more. Since her disbarred father abandoned her, Pepper has had a hard time in life but Jon and his family were always there for her. She works at GarnetBrooke, a thoroughbred horse farm in Bourbon Springs, Kentucky, while Jon is an attorney for the bourbon distillery just across the road.

Pepper’s luck takes a dramatic turn for the better when she wins the lottery. She uses her new millions to buy GarnetBrooke and transforms it into a retirement home for thoroughbreds. Then she and Jon finally give into their feelings for each other and spend a steamy night together.

But their romance is short-lived as Jon’s jealousy and insecurity shatter their fragile relationship. Pepper moves on, pouring her heart and soul into GarnetBrooke, while Jon tries to win back Pepper’s trust and love. Just when things start to look up for the couple, Pepper’s wayward father returns to town, asking Pepper for forgiveness and a big favor—and throwing their future into doubt.

As they struggle with the challenges of their past and present, Pepper and Jon discover how trust and love are destroyed and as well as earned.

Distilled Heat is the sixth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.



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