Pepper has always had a passion for animals and the land, and when she won the lottery, she knew exactly how to use her newfound wealth. She turned her thoroughbred horse farm into a retirement home for horses, a sanctuary where they could live out their golden years in peace and comfort. But that was just the beginning of her journey.

Now, Pepper has expanded her work to include joint tours with Old Garnet Bourbon Distillery, creating a unique and valuable tourist attraction in the small town of Bourbon Springs, Kentucky. She’s even planning to propose a joint venture for tours of a local cooperage and Perryville Battlefield to state tourism officials.

But the stress of her project is taking a toll on Pepper’s health. She feels fatigued and anxious and wonders if there’s something more serious going on. Her husband, Jon, worries about her, but he’s also in awe of her strength and creativity. As Pepper prepares for her presentation, she becomes increasingly concerned about her health.

Despite her fears, Pepper decides to go ahead with the presentation. However, things don’t go as planned, and she suffers a health crisis during her talk. This prompts Jon to step in and take care of her, showing her the depth of his love and devotion, as they face an uncertain and possibly scary diagnosis.

Heart of Stars (Bourbon Springs Short Story #4) is a 10,000-word contemporary romance short story that takes place on the day before and after Bottled in Bond (Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas #5) ends, and a few weeks before the end of Where the Fire Is Hottest (Bourbonland Book 3).



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