Angels' Share contemporary romance novel cover

Angels’ Share: Bourbon Springs Book 3


Bo, co-owner of Old Garnet Bourbon Distillery, needs to expand. He sets his sights on land to the immediate south, a farm owned by widowed high school history teacher Lila. But she has absolutely no interest in selling, as she wants to protect an historic spring on her land. Despite his family’s disapproval, Bo sues Lila over a disputed property line, hoping to acquire more land.

But as Bo and Lila reluctantly spend more time together, they begin to see each other in a very different light. Despite initial and intense animosity, they soon find themselves falling hard for each other.

As they struggle to find common ground, both literally and emotionally, Bo and Lila struggle with navigating the difficult terrain of family pressure, a disaster at the distillery, and deep personal desires. How can they find a way to reconcile their differences and create a life together?

Angels’ Share, the third book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances, is a steamy romance that will leave readers rooting for Bo and Lila—and maybe hankering for a sip of bourbon or a bite of a bourbon ball as well.



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