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Built on Blue: Bourbon Springs Book 2


Journey to Bourbon Springs, the heart of Kentucky bourbon country.  Hannah, a lawyer and co-owner of her family’s bourbon distillery, finds herself at a crossroads. Newly divorced from her cheating husband and having just lost a judicial race, she gives in to her brother Bo’s pleas to come to work at her family’s historic business. It is the fresh start she desperately needs.

Life seems to only get better as she soon finds herself reunited with an old flame, Kyle, the local sheriff. A man who has never let her down and is there to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. But their rekindled love is overshadowed by family tension as Bo makes his disapproval of Kyle abundantly clear.

Meanwhile, a long-held secret which Hannah and Kyle have kept for years threatens to unravel everything. While revelation of the secret would likely completely change her family’s opinion of Kyle for the good, it also has the power to destroy the distillery. Caught between her love of Kyle and love of family, Hannah struggles to walk the tightrope between what is best for her and what is best for business.

Set against the backdrop of Kentucky’s rolling hills and rich bourbon-making history, Built on Blue explores the power of forgiveness, the complexities of family dynamics, and the enduring strength of love. With engaging characters and a plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, this novel is perfect for fans of contemporary romance and Southern fiction.

Built on Blue is the second book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.


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