Hello and welcome! I’m Jennifer Bramseth, author of small-town contemporary romance & cozy mysteries set in Kentucky Bourbon Country–my home.  Where I live inspires me and I hope my love of place comes through in my stories.

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The Bourbon Springs Contemporary Romance Series 

Life in Bourbon Springs, Kentucky revolves around community and–what else?–bourbon. Old Garnet Distillery, owned by the Davenport family, serves as a focal point of activity in all the books. You’ll get to know all the Davenports and their loves in this nine-book, four-shorts contemporary romance series.

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The Bourbonland Contemporary Romance Series

After Bourbon Springs comes the Bourbonland contemporary romance series. The first Bourbonland story, Single Barrel, features a couple from Bourbon Springs and introduces a star-crossed couple who appear in every Bourbonland work. This new couple will eventually claim their happy ending but it will take a long time and a lot of drama to get them there.


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The Devil Springs Cozy Mysteries Series

This is a five-book cozy mysteries series and small collection of short stories. This series is a connected world to Bourbon Springs and Bourbonland and set in Devil Springs, Kentucky (yes, the books answer the question where that name originated).  My own experience as a law clerk for a judge inspired this series.


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