Stave and Hoop contemporary romance short story cover

Stave & Hoop: Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas 2


Bardstown, Kentucky is not just filled with the scent of aging bourbon, but also the bittersweet aroma of a secret love. Candace, the mayor’s daughter, is reeling from the death of her mother when she has a chance encounter with police chief Adam “Ting” Tingley. Their paths had crossed many times but due to their positions—and her father disliking Ting—they kept their distance for years.

But now a new opportunity in Louisville will take Ting away and he finally takes the plunge and asks Candace out. Thinking she has nothing to lose Candace accepts. But just one date sparks an intense secret romance neither were prepared for and is all too brief. With Ting’s departure imminent, the couple fears their love story will end before it could really begin.

Meanwhile, former secret lovers Senator Coraleigh Boyle and Clay London mourn their relationship and keep up appearances. Even though forever drawn to each other, they continue to play their own game of keep-away.

With its rich setting in the heart of bourbon country, this short romance novella will leave readers wanting more.

Stave & Hoop, a 35,000-word contemporary romance novella, takes place between Sharp Practice (Bourbonland Book 1) and Notice of Appeal (Bourbonland Book 2).



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