Water of Life contemporary romance novel cover

Water of Life: Bourbon Springs Book 9

Follow the story of Cara, a widowed judge with a toddler son, who has resolved to raise her child alone. Despite her busy life, she finds it increasingly difficult to ignore the attentions of rakish local attorney Drake. Even after an unexpected steamy encounter, Cara has no inclination to fall in love again. Losing her husband absolutely broke her and only a few know the real tragedy underlying her husband’s death.  But Drake gently pursues the beautiful young judge and successfully makes his case for her heart.

The couple’s relationship becomes the talk of Bourbon Springs, and rumors soon spread about their ethics and intentions. Cara’s position as a judge and her ambition to be appointed to a higher court makes the gossip a potential threat to her future. A fragile new love is quickly put to the test. Will the rumors tear apart their budding romance or will Cara and Drake fight to keep their love alive?

Water of Life is the ninth and final book in the Bourbon Springs contemporary romance series.



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