Notice of Appeal contemporary romance novel cover

Notice of Appeal: Bourbonland Book 2


In the second book in the Bourbonland series, two people from vastly different backgrounds find love in the most unlikely of places – the state supreme court. Milla, a brilliant staff attorney for the chief justice, has overcome a difficult past to make a name for herself in the legal world. Leo, the youngest justice in a century, comes from fantastic wealth and a tragic family history.

As Milla and Leo work together,  their shared experiences of loss and hardship inexorably draw them closer. But their relationship is complicated by the political maneuvering and power plays of their colleagues on the court. And Milla struggles with accepting Leo’s immense wealth and privilege.

In this contemporary romance novel, Milla and Leo must navigate the challenges of their personal and professional lives to find happiness together. Can they overcome the barriers that stand in their way? Or will the pressures of their positions tear them apart?

Set against the backdrop of the state supreme court and the world of high-powered legal professionals, Notice of Appeal explores the complexities of love and power, class and background. With its rich characters, engaging plot, and steamy romance, this book is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance.

Notice of Appeal is the second book in the Bourbonland contemporary romance series.


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