Little Treasures contemporary romance short story cover

Little Treasures: Bourbon Springs Short Stories 3


Lila uncovers a lot more than an overgrown flower bed when she sets to work in the backyard intent on tidying up several clumps of irises. A little digging reveals a discovery of a piece of family lore and legend that everyone believed forgotten. But by a lucky stroke and a little elbow grease, the high school history teacher might just have solved one of the greatest mysteries surrounding Old Garnet Bourbon. Could her revelation be the start of even more good fortune for the bourbon distillery–and her family?

Little Treasures is a short story that looks to the past but provides great hope for the future of the distillery, the Davenport family, and bourbon making history in the Bourbon Springs series world. It features characters from several preceding books and gives hints for events and couples that will be seen in subsequent works.

Little Treasures is a short story in the Bourbon Springs contemporary romance world. It takes place between Distilled Heat (Bourbon Springs Book 6) and Bottled Bluegrass (Bourbon Springs Book 7).



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