Like cozy mysteries? Then I have the perfect place for you to discover. Welcome to Devil Springs, Kentucky.

Set in the same world but beginning a few years before the start of the Bourbon Springs Series, Devil Springs is classic cozy mysteries reading.

And, yes, bourbon does show up from time to time, as do characters from Bourbon Springs and Bourbonland.

Much of this series was inspired by my own experience as a staff attorney for a judge. I worked for the judge for a year after graduation and before going into practice. That clerkship taught me valuable lessons. Perhaps the most important one was to make friends with the court clerks.

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Small-Town Inspiration

One of the best things about writing is the opportunity to put real places into my books–contemporary romance and cozy mysteries alike.

While towns like Bourbon Springs and Littleham are completely fictional, real places inspired their creation.

Devil Springs also has a real-life inspiration spot. Or two.

So let me introduce you to two of my favorite places, two classic small towns in Kentucky: Carrollton and Cadiz.

Devil Springs Inspiration: Carrollton, Kentucky

Carrollton is the seat of Carroll County, Kentucky. Originally named Port William, it changed its name in 1838 when the county was created from neighboring Gallatin County. The town is nestled on the southern banks of the Ohio River and the eastern banks of the Kentucky. The confluence of these two great rivers is slightly west of the downtown area.

The confluence is easily accessible at Point Park, a city park (amazing 360-degree view of the confluence and park). It is a lovely spot, with playgrounds, picnic tables, open spaces, a small dock, and a boat launch.

It is also a historic site.  In 1789, then-General (and future Kentucky governor) Charles Scott built a blockhouse here.

The courthouse inspired the courthouse in the Devil Springs.

Carroll County Kentucky courthouse-Devil Springs Series inspiration

Carroll County, Kentucky Courthouse; generally how I imagine the Bain County Courthouse in fictional Devil Springs, Kentucky

Devil Springs Inspiration: Cadiz, Kentucky

In far western Kentucky is the town of Cadiz, the county seat of Trigg County. The town is minutes away from Lake Barkley State Resort Park, inspiration for Lake Pembroke State Resort Park in Secret Blend and Lake Shelby State Resort Park in the Bourbon Springs and Bourbonland worlds.

There is a relatively new courthouse in Cadiz, one being built in the past ten years. The old one was very small, and I recall there was a storage shed around the side that bore the tongue-in-cheek sign of COURTHOUSE ANNEX.

But it is the town layout of Cadiz rather than its courthouse that inspired the general feel of Devil Springs. Cadiz has several antique shops along its main street, as does Devil Springs. In fact, the sleuth in A Devilish Punishment, the first Devil Springs Book, shops in antique shops along with another major character. They also stay at the local state resort park.


Main Street-Cadiz KY-Looking west-October 2018; courthouse at middle of the block on the right (note pointed roof)


Trigg County Courthouse-Cadiz KY-October 2018


Antique stores-Main Street-Cadiz KY-October 2018; courthouse (see above pic) is directly across the street to the right out of picture


Antique stores to left looking west up Main Street-Cadiz KY-October 2018


Pig sculpture celebrating the Trigg County Ham Festival-October 2018