Toast and Char contemporary romance novel cover

Toast and Char: Bourbon Springs Book 7

In the heart of bourbon country, Prent is on a mission to win back the love of his life, Miranda. Although heir to a respected and successful cooperage, Prent felt himself unworthy of the young doctor and left her at the altar years ago.

But Miranda never told him to get out of her life. Undaunted and the faintest of hope, Prent pursues the woman he knows he doesn’t deserve, and by some miracle they find each other again.

Yet their journey to happiness is far from smooth sailing. Personal and professional secrets begin to surface, threatening a fragile reconciliation. Prent’s uncle and co-owner works to sabotage the relationship, and does little to hide an irrational dislike of Miranda.  Then Prent is thrown a curveball when he learns his former bad boy ways have possibly caught up with him.

Can Prent prove to Miranda that their love is worth the risk, or will their second chance at love go up in smoke? Toast and Char is the eighth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.



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