Bourbon Springs Box Set Volume II, Books 4-6 contemporary romance novels cover

Bourbon Springs Box Set: Volume II, Books 4-6


Get Books 4-6 and a short story in the Bourbon Springs Series in one box set.

Classic small-town romance–with a splash of bourbon.

Includes Distiller’s Choice (Book 4),  Cedar and Cinnamon (Book 5), Distilled Heat (Book 6), and Little Treasures (Short Story 3)

“Great read!”

“All 3 of these books will keep you up reading.”

“I had trouble stopping, even to retire for the night.”

“They are all awesome.”

“These people work and love together and that makes the stories truly realistic.”

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Distiller’s Choice (Book 4)

CiCi is the local court clerk with a heart of gold everyone loves to gossip with. But beneath her bubbly exterior, she carries a sad family and romance history. She guards that heart of gold of hers because it’s been shattered too many times. And she’s certainly not used to being the subject of gossip herself.

Enter Walker, the new master distiller at the local distillery, Old Garnet. He’s quiet and nerdy about all things bourbon, but also incredibly handsome and hot. When he sets his sights on CiCi, she can’t resist his charms and Walker sweeps her off her feet.

But their newfound love is put to the test when Walker’s ex-wife gets a job at the distillery and can’t seem to move on from their past. CiCi must decide whether to fight for their love or let the past come between them. As they navigate the ups and downs of the distillery, CiCi and Walker will have to choose their path forward and decide what truly matters in life and love.

Filled with bourbon lore and detailed descriptions of Kentucky’s bourbon country, Distiller’s Choice is the fourth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.

Cedar and Cinnamon (Book 5)

Harriet and Goose had a secret, sizzling one-night stand years ago. Unable to pursue a relationship back then, their intense chemistry still simmers beneath the surface. Now, they’re thrown together on an important history project at Goose’s family bourbon distillery, and it’s not long before sparks fly once again.

Harriet is a straight-laced attorney who always plays by the rules, while Goose is a former bad boy turned dedicated distillery employee. As they delve deeper into the distillery’s history, they discover that there’s much more at stake than just their burgeoning romance. They must weather complicated family dynamics and long-buried secrets and resentments to ensure the success of the project and preserve the legacy of the distillery. Harriet is torn between her duty to her client, the distillery, and her love for Goose, while Goose is determined to protect his family’s bourbon legacy at all costs.

Cedar and cinnamon, competing but complementary flavors woven into bourbon, present the perfect metaphor for the complicated and challenging relationship between Harriet and Goose. As tensions rise and passions flare, Harriet and Goose hold tightly to what could be their last chance at love.

Cedar and Cinnamon is the fifth book in the Bourbon Spring Series of contemporary romances.

Distilled Heat (Book 6)

Pepper and Jon have been best friends for years, but their friendship has always been tinged with a little something more. Since her disbarred father abandoned her, Pepper has had a hard time in life but Jon and his family were always there for her. She works at GarnetBrooke, a thoroughbred horse farm in Bourbon Springs, Kentucky, while Jon is an attorney for the bourbon distillery just across the road.

Pepper’s luck takes a dramatic turn for the better when she wins the lottery. She uses her new millions to buy GarnetBrooke and transforms it into a retirement home for thoroughbreds. Then she and Jon finally give into their feelings for each other and spend a steamy night together.

But their romance is short-lived as Jon’s jealousy and insecurity shatter their fragile relationship. Pepper moves on, pouring her heart and soul into GarnetBrooke, while Jon tries to win back Pepper’s trust and love. Just when things start to look up for the couple, Pepper’s wayward father returns to town, asking Pepper for forgiveness and a big favor—and throwing their future into doubt.

As they struggle with the challenges of their past and present, Pepper and Jon discover how trust and love are destroyed and as well as earned.

Distilled Heat is the sixth book in the Bourbon Springs Series of contemporary romances.

Little Treasures (Short Story 3)

Lila uncovers a lot more than an overgrown flower bed when she sets to work in the backyard. A little digging reveals a discovery of a nearly forgotten piece of family lore and legend. But by a lucky stroke, the high school history teacher might just have solved a huge bourbon mystery. Could her revelation be the start of even more good fortune for the bourbon distillery–and her family?

Little Treasures  looks to the past but with hope for the future of the distillery and the Davenport family. It features characters from several preceding books and gives hints for events and couples in subsequent works.

Little Treasures is a short story in the Bourbon Springs contemporary romance world. It takes place between Distilled Heat (Bourbon Springs Book 6) and Bottled Bluegrass (Bourbon Springs Book 7).




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