Secret Blend contemporary romance novel cover

Secret Sauce: Bourbon Springs Short Stories 1

Rachel and Brady look forward to a romantic pre-Christmas getaway to a famous historic resort. After their very public engagement, the couple is more than ready for some alone time to celebrate their love and plan their future.

However, their blissful escape to a familiar locale is disrupted when they stumble across a reminder of an unresolved problem back home–their broken relationship with Hannah, Rachel’s best friend. What is someone from Bourbon Springs doing at the resort, alone? Rachel’s instincts tell her he’s up to no good but Brady successfully pulls her away and back to the reason for the excursion: to have fun. They enjoy their stunning surroundings, and indulge in delicious food–and each other. And just before they depart, Rachel has an unusual encounter at the hotel that seems to foreshadow future happy times.

Perfect for fans of contemporary romance and holiday fiction, this story will leave readers feeling warm and inspired. Secret Sauce is contemporary romance short story that links Secret Blend (Bourbon Springs Book 1) to Built on Blue (Bourbon Springs Book 2).



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