Bottled in Bond contemporary romance novella cover

Bottled in Bond: Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas 5


This steamy romance novella set in the heart of Kentucky Bourbon Country follows three different couples as they navigate their way through love, heartbreak, and everything in between.

Amsden is a young college history professor with big dreams of managing a major historic site. When she meets McKee, a fellow history buff, their first encounter is less than smooth. But as they explore the beauty of the bluegrass together, sparks begin to fly.

Candace, the governor’s daughter, is struggling with loneliness and heartbreak. She left her hometown and love of her life, Ting, behind to live with her father in the state executive mansion. Now Ting is back as her security detail, and they struggle to keep their distance and appearances. Can they overcome the obstacles of parental disapproval and possible scandal?

And last but not least, Coraleigh is on a mission to recreate her late mother’s signature recipe. When she runs into Clay, her on-off secret lover, at the store, memories of their passionate past come flooding back. Can they rekindle their love and move beyond what keeps them apart?

With gorgeous scenery, captivating characters, and steamy romance, Bottled in Bond is the perfect read for anyone who loves a good love story.

Bottled in Bond, a 45,000-word contemporary romance novella, is the fifth work in the Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas Series. It takes place shortly before Executive Liaisons, Bourbonland Book 4.



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