Where the Fire Is Hottest contemporary romance novel cover

Where the Fire Is Hottest: Bourbonland Book 3


She expected to lose the land, maybe her job as well.

But losing her heart? She hadn’t counted on that.

Maisie is the park superintendent for Perryville, the site of the most significant Civil War battle in Kentucky. She has been tirelessly fighting for a year to purchase a parcel of land crucial to the site’s historical significance, but the landowner is hesitant to sell to the park and is considering developers with the help of her attorney, Cord.

As Maisie and Cord negotiate, a spark ignites between them, but Cord is conflicted. He is duty-bound to his client, even if it means potentially losing Maisie’s love. Maisie, however, won’t give up without a fight, and as they work together to save the land, their feelings for each other grow stronger.

Will Cord choose duty over love, or will he take a chance on a future with Maisie? Follow their passionate journey as they navigate the complexities of love and duty in the beautiful bluegrass of Kentucky.

With rich historical detail and sizzling romance, Where the Fire Is Hottest is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. Get lost in the beauty of Kentucky and the intensity of love in this unforgettable novel.

Where the Fire Is Hottest is the third book in the Bourbonland contemporary romance series.



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